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작성일 : 22-11-23 17:16
Measuring Usability: Importance Attributes for Mobile Applications from Amman Arab the academy
 글쓴이 : Bobby (188.♡.76.170)
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This research aims to analyze the importance and interaction between the usability attributes for mobile application. The usability attributes were grouped into nine (9) factors such as efficiency, effectiveness, learnability, memorability, errors, satisfaction, cognitive workload, simplicity, and interruptibility. A total of 411 useable questionnaires form the basis of analysis. The results revealed that Errors (Mean = 3.82) was the most important usability attribute for mobile application and there was a significant correlation in the midst of satisfaction and errors, (r = .591, n = 411, p r = .553, n = 411, p r = .480, n = 411, p Private Universities in jordan usability measurement for mobile applications.
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